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Welcome to the Tailgate Information page!

We want everyone to know that the purpose of this event is to raise money for Connor's Heroes. With that being said, we want everyone to have a great time and enjoy the tailgates.Those who are putting on the tailgates expect you to come visit, whether you know them or not.  After all, that is how they are going to have a chance at winning this year!

Sign up to tailgate!


Here you will find details on:

  • More information on becoming a tailgater

  • Layout / who is already signed up?

  • I signed up... now what?

Just like last year!  No $100 tailgate fee!!  

What has changed since last year?​

  • Layout has been improved based off of recomendations

  • No cornhole tournament (but we will still have boards)

  • ...there might be a couple more big changes... you'll have to come out to see!

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After signing up you should expect...

  • A response within 24 hours confirming your spot

  • A request to provide tshirt size information

  • An information packet, schedule for October 13th, and a way to contact us with questions

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